Document destruction services on site.

Why use Mobile Shredding?

  • See in real time shredding
  • Be sure that everything is destroyed
  • Offer a high level of security
  • Avoid manipulation by too many people
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Shredding service on-site

  • Destruction on site in our trucks
  • Eco-friendly disposal of residue
  • Advanced shredding technology
  • Fast, efficent and competitive price
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Security First!

  • Employees are certified
  • Locked containers deposits available
  • Certificate of destruction
  • Over 20 years experience
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Document Destruction Services on site!

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Excel Shred becomes Dechi-tech Mobile! Call Now  1-800-306-2726

We come to you directly to give you the opportunity to watch the destruction of your documents by our qualified and well certified employees. Our services are are given with the intention of developing a trusting relationship with you. Our priority? Offer a private and confidential service that respects the needs of your enterprise as well as the law. We treat all demands with the same level of care, no matter how many documents need to be destroyed. Whether you have 3 or 3000 boxes, our trucks can get the job done in an efficient manner at a predetermined cost, with no surprises.

Our Services

-Modern shredding truck

-Locked containers deposits available

-High level of security

-Certificate of destruction

-Fast and efficient service

-Shred more than 120 boxes each hours!

Our qualified team is certified and will arrive at your offices with a truck equipped with cutting edge technology that can destroy 150 boxes an hour. This means time and money saved for you! Our prices are fixed and competitive. We answer requests usually within 48 hours. On time, every time!

Once you have contacted us, we will analyze your needs and establish a regular schedule for the destruction of your documents, allowing you to minimize your storage efforts.

Certified Employees
Efficient mobile shredding equipment
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Shredding services on site
Eco-friendly disposal of residue

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